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. Adopt One-button setting function of detecting terrain as per different points and adjusting flight height to make to ensure work accuracy.

. Avoid obstacles autonomously during the operation, detect obstacles within 13m, reduce speed within 10m, bypass obstacles within 5m.

. Work straight line from Point A to Point B

. Store memory in the APP to avoid repeated work. Click on the field stored in the app to perform autonomous work.

. Breakable point spray avoids repeated work.

.High work efficiency 50-80 acres per day.

.Can specifically plan the field, such as shrink or expand the field, route translation, adjust the flight height, turn the flight, adjust the speedadjust pitch.

.After the operation, it can provide accurate work report, including field area, flight time, acreage, etc.

Item 3WWDZ-10
Machine type Four axis Drone
Unfolded Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 1850*1850*600
Folded Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 700*700*550
Number of Axle 4
AXle Size(Propellers Excluded)(mm) 1530
Rotor Number 4
Rotor Tvpe 3090
Remote control Autonomous Flight+position A to B+Manual flight
Battery 12S 1400mAh Battery
Weight(No Battery ) (kg) 12.6
Full Load Take-off Weight(kg) 26.8
Empty Load Hovering Time(min) 20
Full Load Hovering Time(min) 10
Pesticide Tank Capacity (L) 10
Number of sprinklers 4
Spray Width(m) 4-6
Working Efficiency 50-85 acres per day

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