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1.Use 88HP turbo engine with high power and low fuel consumption
2.Cutting Width 2.1m for different areas of fields.
3.Reel uses spring type finger and PVC bush for better performance.
4.WORLD special hydraulic gear box 85 with best quality.
5.Use 45cc HST for working more smoothly.
6.Bigger threshing cylinder ensures grain less loss and much cleaner.
7.Grain tank capacity is 1.6m3 with 360 degree grain unloading.
8.Minimun ground clearance 360mm and rubber track 450/500*90*51 ensures machine work in deep mud field.
Model 4LZ-4.0E with canopy
Type Self-propelled Whole-feeding
Dimension             (Operation) Length(mm) 4960
Width(mm) 2890
Height(mm) 2700
Weight(kg) 3200
Engine Type QUANCHAI C06-406
Power(HP) 88
RPM(r/min) 2650
Fuel Capacity(L) 130
Gearbox Hydraulic Gearbox Box ZKB85
HST 45cc
Chassis Track(mm) 450/500*90*51
Track Center(mm) 1150
Ground Clearance(mm) 320
Harvesting Cutting Width(mm) 2100
Feeding Capacity (kg/s) 4.0 
Cutting Bar Lift Hydraulic Control
Threshing Type Axial Flow Type with Beat Bars
Threshing Cylinder (mm) 620*2000
Filtrate Type Vibrating Sieves+ Centrifugal Fan
  Grain Tank Type 360° Rotaty Unloading
Discharging  Grain Tank Volume(m³) 1.5
Work efficiency(acre/h) 0.37-0.66
Crops Rice, Wheat, Rapeseed, Soybean

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